The construction department of ALPHA Verteilertechnik GmbH develops type-tested installation and power distribution cabinets up to a current of 6,300 ampere – while observing applicable national and international regulations, installation methods and norms.

We are specialised in international standards such as:
IEC 61439-1/-2/-3; DIN EN 61439-1/-2/-3; VDE 0660-600-1/-2/-3
NF EN 61439-1/-2/-3
DIN EN 60439-1 und -3; VDE 0660 Teil 500 und 504
DIN VDE 0603-1
IEC 62208; DIN EN 62208; VDE 0660-511

Another important area of our work is construction, and also constructional adjustment of a client's individual needs for system cabinets.

Beyond this, we also support our clients in developing sheet metal parts, housings and cabinets for their own products.

Based on the requirements of our clients and the various markets, we develop complete solutions at one source, including use of the 3D software ProEngineer and Solid Works.